Wayward Dreamer

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Dinner was amazing. I wonder what this Mexican restaurant used to be?? 😏 #livenudetacos (at La Bodega Negra)
Rocking #meggings in the rain (at Oxford Street)
Rainy day in SF | Inspired by @lilbully1979  (at 2079 Market Street)
#tbt Fire Island, 2005

Hi! 👋 Happy Hump Day people! Having some lunch time fun with @allenjordansf | xo 😆

#birthday boy @allenjordansf | #nofilter

Designing at my desk and listening to “Latch” by Disclosure

#yearofthehorse2014 Limited Edition Adidas. Happy Chinese New Year! For the record I’m a Fire Dragon! :)
Home again
Oh Fridays : ) (at Charlotte Russe HQ)
Good morning
#tbt (at Circa 1985)